Software projects


Media gallery/library. Made with Python/Flask framework. Used on this site.

It's mostly a backend solution with REST-API, but it has a working simple Bootstrap web-interface as well. Will be released soon some day when I've documented some parts and made some cleanups.


Collectd frontend with YAML templates. Also made with Python/Flask framework. Might be released some day.


Arduino software for AVR and ESP8622 platforms. Support for DS18B20 and DHT22 type sensors. Working with VirtualWire or WiFi networking.


Network audio solution based on JACK with OSX client. Server and client both written in in Python.

Project is dead since better alternatives is available now, but you can read about it here here

BEST Configration Manager

BEST Configuration Manager is a Web-based configuration tool for the MicroNav BEST™ ATC si mulator. Used at Entry Point North ATS academy.