So, I wanted to extract the running file system from the device. After som fiddling around I realised that the only file-transfer or pipe-tool (like netcat/socat) that existed was wget, and it only supported plain HTTP, not HTTPS.

So I found this static ARMv6 build of well known busybox, that included full sets of tools. So I used it to spawn a temporary FTP-service that I could use to download the filesystem.

# flash partition
cd /npc

# download from http host on local server

# make runnable
chmod +x busybox

# create symlink for ftpd
ln -sf busybox ftpd

# run service
./busybox tcpsvd -vE 21 /npc/ftpd /


Complete rootfs with mtdblock-partitions (except mtd4 that is /rom)
escam_q1_rootfs.tar.gz (23M)